Trust in the Lord

Guest speaker Joshua Lin bring us an inspiring sermon with a focus on the essential theme of trusting in God. Analyzing the journey of a group from statelessness to citizenship in Australia, the sermon draws parallels with the Israelites' journey to the Promised Land, emphasizing the need for faith and trust in God.

Joshua Lin


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Thank you very much for the beautiful song I'd like to begin by thanking the pastors leaders and members of the Govern Baptist Church for inviting us to this anniversary celebration is a privilege for me to share the word of God in front of this body of Christ in addition it is a privilege for me to utilize the English skills in preaching that I acquired at medum theological College I earned my master of theological studies from Millian theological College in 2021 where I completed two preaching courses I completed my bachelor of theology at the M curent refugee camp in Thailand in six and then my leaders granted me the opportunity to pursue master of divinity in Nalan India I obtained my master of divinity in 2009 and returned to serve my people for 3 years as a lecturer in Bible school and then married to a grand woman who was already an Australian citizens in 2012 I arrived in brisb thanks to her sponsorship now the Lord bless me children the first child I named her Vash from the Walk of Esther the intention behind naming her V is that she would be like king queen V who maintains her world and identity despite being born in a land filled with Temptations and named The Second Son second one m m is one of Dan Babylonian companions I want him to be like Mish who opposed the King's food and who maintain the beliefs of the Hebrew people while living among the unbelievers I name my thir time sat are current terms of which some belongs to my father and my grandfather and Tam to my wife's uh father and say to both my mother and my wife's mother this so that despite being born in this country he will maintain his identity as a Quan and adhere to the belief of his ancestors I do not know how my children will live in accordance with the meanings of their names as adults but I pray to God that they win when current people have lived in Australia particularly in Brisbane for 17 years Brisbane Cy Church commemorated its 17th anniversary as a church last month as we reflected on the past we are able to recognize God's grace and Providence in the lives of our grand people now the Lord provide us with a place of worship that we reclaim as our own every year on our Thanksgiving anniversary we count the blessings that God has conferred Upon Us in 2015 when we celebrate our n9th Thanksgiving anniversary I composed a poem that reflected God's fer upon our grand people from State L to Citizen is the title of my composition I would like to Simply reach my poem to you once we had our all places we enjoyed an abundance but they came to our Villages and destroyed everything we had they forced us to leave our places we became stateless as Refugee in another country we faced hardness we were powerless no job no hopes no Liberty we relies on the generosity of others rest being s f p wild and Che only as others give which we receive then we arrived in brisban not easy at first but years have passed and we are learning moving from homeless to home owner from no car to car owner from stess to CZ thank you Lord we are Australian during that time I was not yet became become an Australian citizen so I wrote for current individuals who who had already become citizenship citizens of the country now that I'm a citizen of this country this form applies to me as well as refugees in Thailand we were state as neither that the Tha nor B's government consider us to be their citizens nevertheless we are now Citizen of this wonderful Nation known as Australia how wonderful it is because the Australian passport is ranked eth in the world this holder can travel up to 185 count without a Visa how incredible it is how incredible it will be if we are citizens of God's kingdom Thanksgiving and is a time to reflect on our experiences and Express gratitude to God for all that he has done thus far after sucessfully crossing the Red Sea the Israelites were overjoyed and prais Lord for rescuing them from the Egyptians Moses and Israelites praise God in Exodus 14:31 and Exodus 15 verse 1 to 18 for delivering them triumphant from the from the Egyptians Exodus 14:31 States after uh State and when the Israelites saw the great power of the power the Lord displayed against the Egypt Egyptians the people fear the lord and put their trust in him and in MOS his servant in Exodus 15 verse1 he said then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the Lord if we continue on reading this passage we will see the the song that Moses and Israelites sang imagine how grateful you would be if you were running away from a life threatening situation and someone sa you at the last moment likewise Israelite were grateful to God for delivering them from their oppressors moreover we can see that not only the Israelites were thankful to the Lord but Miriam and the other women were dancing and singing because they were so happy to have been saved while looking back at the Red Sea and see the Egyptian teros and Horsemen fall into the sea as a result of the Lord's might intervention Exodus 15: 20-21 says then Miriam the prophetes Aron sister took the tbling in her hand and all the women followed her with trembling and dancing m s s to them sing to the Lord for he is highly exalted the hor and east spider he has SP in the into the sea however the journey their Journey didn't conclude after crossing the Red Sea they must resume their trouers the must arrived at their destination the land what promised to Abraham Isaac and jaob it is the land overflowing with milk and honey to reach the promised land they have to continue onward the Journey of Christian do not end here as a as a Christian additionally we must proceed towards towards our Promised Land Jesus from us a place in the sanctuary of his father in John 14 verse 2 to 3 it is written in my father's house are many rooms if it were not so I would have told you I am going there to prepare a place for you I will come back and take you to be with me and you also may be where I am this is the promised land we are evenly awaken on our on our way to the promised land we must continue to advance and believe in Jesus as the Israelites Advanced toward the promised land they encountered numerous obstacles and temptations they complained about numerous things to Moses and to God even so they wanted to surrender and return to Egypt and the once where the once again became Egyptian slaves on one occasion they even request that requested that Aron create a Gooden path for them to worship as a god this is evident from Exodus 32 ver one let me read out when the people saw the B the people saw that Moses was so long in coming from the mountain they gathered around Aon and said come make us Gods will be both before us as for this fellow Moses who brought us out of Egypt we didn't know that we didn't know what has happened to him the Israelites were highly dependent on Moses their leader after crossing the Y and witnessing the Lord tremendous tremendous Deeds the Israelite plac their faith in the Lord and Moses however as days passed and Moses did not return he be began to doubt Moses and the Lord they began creating a God that they could see and touch which the Lord despises sometime as Christian we share many similarities with the Israelites on our journey we will encounter obstacles and Temptation that may prevent from reaching our destination we should not rely on others to guide us back to our objectives we must remain steast in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and personally seek Him assistance these obstacles and temps are impossible to overcome with our strength however through only through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ we can overcome Temptation the thing that God desis the most what when the Israelites Stop Believing in the promised land and placing more faith in men than in God's Providence Moses sent TOS spies to explore the promis land as instructed by Moses the 12 spies enter the land and spies on it when the 12 Spies return to report their fightings 10 of them set in number 13 verse 27- 28 we went into the land to which you sent us and it us flow with milk and honey here it is fruit here is it fruit but the people who live there are powerful and the cities are fortified and very large we even saw descendants of anak there in verse 31 they said we can't attack those people they are stronger than we are and even they even said in verse uh 33 that we seem like gropers in our own eyes and we looked the same to them however two spies Joshua and KH continues to have faith in the Lord's promise in verse 30 calb said we should go up and take possession of the land for we can certainly do it for we can certainly do it all the SP chosen by Moses were aware of the promise concerning the land and and they had witnessed God's miraculous act during their Journey to the promised land however when they saw a large of scker in front of them 10 of them forgot everything God has done for them the 10 only saw the difficulty before them but Joshua and khb saw God's Victory beyond the difficulties the 10 became unbelievers the question God's work even so the designes a new leader in order to return to Egypt if you were one of the individuals who listened to the report would you sympathize with the two or the 10 today in every aspect of our exist existence majority rule Prevail prevails even if it's contrary to the word of God the Israelites like uh likewise confined in the T more than the Tom and th the Lord told them in numbers 14 verse 33 your children will be shephered here for 40 years suffering for your an fullness until the last of your bodies lies in the desert due to their faith in God and His Providence however only Joshua and Hal among the generation would assess the promised land as we journey toward the promised land that Jesus has prepared for us we may encounter obstacles and difficulties that weak can our faith the this obstacles and challenges include items that we are using for our daily living s such as modern technology uh using artificial intelligence these technologies will become more advanced in the future and these modern technologies that utilize artificial intelligence increase our Reliance on technology and our own ability while weakening our faith in God and in his Providence when the Israelite placed more faith in the T SP than in God the Lord became Furious and forbade them to enter the promised land if we put more faith in technology in and our home strength the Lord would also for us from entering the promised land therefore have faith in the Lord as we travel toward the promis land and the Lord will grant us Triant entrance into the promis land may God bless his world and abundantly bless each and everyone of us thank you very