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Have you ever wondered what your personal mission from God might be? Discover how God's purpose and your unique gifts align in His grand plan. Explore the calling that isn't about if you're sent, but where you're meant to serve.

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Dylan Flood


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Good morning church good to see you all here this morning get this sorted what month are we in May it I feel like it's been said so many times I thought there would be a great response there what month are we in May and what do we do in may miss missions we do missions all year round but only may we focus in our missions and so as Dave has preluded we're going to be pausing our living by Faith series don't worry we haven't forgotten about habac we'll come back to him but for this month over the next four Sundays we're going to be looking at different areas of mission we're going to be exploring this topic but from my experience there's a couple of different responses that generally happen when the topic of mission is brought up and so I want to begin this morning I'm going to ask for a little bit of participation but I want to gauge where everyone's at so can everyone throw a hand up for me there we go everyone's hands work cool throw throw them back down what I'm going to do is i' I've got four questions that I'm going to ask really really easy okay I'm not going to make notes if you agree with the statement if it's true for you can you throw your hand up for me okay question number one when it comes to the topic of mission who gets excited yeah we got some excited people these are the kinds of people who go Lord send me wherever you want me to go I am Keen I am ready what's the mission let's do it let's get involved that's good I'm glad you're here question number two when it comes to the topic of mission who gets nervous or scared or uncomfortable yeah I'm glad you're here as well maybe like me you sort of sink down in your seat a little bit go I really hope God's not going to speak too loudly to me today because I'm quite comfortable I don't really want to go out just it's okay glad here question number three when it comes to the topic of mission who doesn't really know what's going on who doesn't fully understand what we're talking about when we just say that word Mission yeah to be honest I learned some stuff about it this week too I'm glad you're here and question number four this is probably the most important question that I'm going to ask here this morning the one that we're going to be looking at who believes that they have been sent by God and called to be involved in. Mission how good all right hands down I promise I won't make you raise your hands anymore I promise this morning we're going to be beginning our series by looking at the topic of personal mission and my hope my challenge today is that by the end of this sermon if you are a Christian sat here in the congregation that when I ask that question for again who believes that they have been called and sent by by God to participate in Mission that everyone will be able to confidently say yes we'll be able to confidently throw their hand up and say yes as a Christian I have been called to Mission but before we dive into any of that would you join me in prayer Lord God we thank you that we can gather together as your people we thank you that we can read from your word Lord we just ask that now as we come to look at this topic of mission and more specifically personal mission Lord we just ask that by your Holy Spirit you would be leading and guiding our hearts would you speak to each of us individually during this time revealing what it is that you've set for us to do Lord we pray this and just give this time to you now in the name of Jesus Christ amen missions we dedicate an entire month to the topic we don't do that with very many topics do we every month every every year without fail there's May Mission month but what really is it and why is it so important being still a uni student went straight to Google looked up some definitions Mission Cambridge Dictionary says is an important job especially a military one that someone is sent to do let's simplify it a little bit it's an important job that someone is sent somewhere to do and I was glad when that was the definition in the dictionary because I'm going to be honest you're probably better Christians than me but when I hear the word Mission I don't automatically associate it to my Christian walk I don't automatically associate it with the church in fact when I hear Mission I think straight to war movies or video games okay and so I want to introduce you to someone this morning someone who's been pivotal in my life my favorite plumber. Mario now Mario he seems to have a NeverEnding mission for the entirety of my life I've tried to help him along but the mission is always the same to save Princess Peach 24 years I've been alive it's always the same Mission save Princess teach and so we take this definition an important job saving the princess that someone Mario sends himself but he sent is sent somewhere many different worlds and platforms and levels to. do and it's easy to put it in context when we think of Mario right because there's an A and A B and Mario is sent to go and do it and Life's good but you may be sitting there going Dylan who cares why is this important for the church why do we spend a month looking at this and if you're taking notes this morning I've got three points that if you walk away with nothing else write these down number one's already being said this morning our God is a missionary God see Mission isn't just something that we as a church developed it's not an idea that we thought was nice and so we adopted mission is a core part of God's. character he's the someone and so what's the job that he's been doing what is God's mission to paraphrase some of the commentators I was reading through the week God's mission is to reveal himself in the fullness of his Splendor to his creation so that they would worship. Him God's mission is to reveal himself to his creation if you got your Bibles there we're just going to do a very quick flick through Genesis 1 and 2 hopefully most of you in the room will know how the Bible begins in the beginning God created everything and he created Humanity in his image and in these in this early time of creation before anything went wrong there was perfect relationship between Humanity made in God's image and God the Creator and what do we see God revealing himself to humanity walking alongside them teaching them how to take care of the creation that he had made teaching them how he had created them and what was Humanity's response. it was worship God had the proper place in their hearts they were willing they they were in awe of God their. creator and they were obedient to the way in which he had created them to live and yet we see that that didn't last very long Genesis 3 we see the introduction of sin the fall of mankind what what. happened we summarize it as the word sin but really what happened is humanity in our free will we chose to deny God's rightful place in our hearts as our creator we went you know what God we know better don't actually need you you're cool and all but I can do do better we sinned and that relationship was broken and yet God is a missionary God the the Bible doesn't end after Genesis 3 Genesis 4 doesn't open up with God said oh well that sucks enjoy the disaster that's going to be life without me God doesn't sit idly by in fact the rest of scripture Reveals His ongoing work to reconcile Humanity to himself he continues to reveal himself to humanity so that still with free will we might choose to give God his rightful place in our lives as Lord and Savior as Creator and. sustainer he reveals himself so that we have the decision to repent from our sinful ways and to respond in worship to turn to him to bring honor and praise and glory to him for who he is as our creator and sustainer all throughout the Bible we see that God is at work and one of the clearest times that God articulates this is through the prophet Isaiah speaking to his people Isaiah 46 verse 8-10 God says this through the prophet remember this and stand firm recall it to my new transgressors remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done saying my Council shall stand and I will accomplish all my purpose. God is a missionary God he does not sit idol God has a plan and he is actively at work in bringing it to. fulfillment and yet remember what we said happened in Genesis 1 and 2 God created man in His image and so if God if part of his character is to be a missionary God then it may sense that there's some link for us as Humanity to be involved in Mission as well in some. capacity and so Point number two is God gifts us and invites us to participate in his work fun fact we're going to go back to Mario there's a overarching goal in the Mario series there's an overarching purpose an overarching Mission which is to save the prince and yet the interesting thing is the game can be played very differently I noticed that between zy and I when we play see whilst there is this overarching goal to get from the beginning where the princess has been captured to finally defeating the big bad boss and yeah save her the missions in of themselves have different side missions different items and collectibles that you can get along the way different enemies different Companions and so some people they're content with just the big picture right some people will play Mario and just go okay here's the beginning that's the end go let me Smash out this level get through the next one get through the next one get through the next one and then finally I'm at the end I don't play like that okay I am a little bit particular and I've got to make sure that I collect all of the items all of the coins I've got to make sure if there's three empty spaces whether it be tokens or stars or whatever I need all of them and I will replay a mission three or four times to make sure I get them all before I move on to the next one and it kills me if I can't do it and I have to move on and it's incomplete see there's different ways that the same level can be played still with the large overarching purpose and one of the things that you learn as you play is there's some collectible things that are impossible to get without the right gifts there's some things that are just impossible to get without the power up of invincibility it's a fact don't like it but it keeps me. busy and so you're probably all sick of hearing about Mario how does this apply to us why do I share this fictional character with a fictional. Mission if you're a Christian here this morning you're called to be a. missionary you are called to participate in God's work if nowhere else in the Bible. look to Matthew 28 the great commandment the thing that Jesus said to his disciples if you're a Christian here this morning you're a disciple okay the thing that he told them to do was this he said all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and behold I Am With You. Always that's the big goal right all all of us as Humanity if you're a Christian here this morning we all have that same Big Goal to go to all the nations declaring what Jesus taught us baptizing Believers in the name of the father Son and the Holy Spirit to make. disciples and this isn't a new idea see I pull that out because it's one of the most clearest Commandments and yet from the very beginning God has invited Humanity to participate in his work in Genesis he didn't just say okay Adam I've created you he said let man have dominion over all the creation let me teach them how to take care of the thing that I have. created let them be in relationship with me and yet as we've covered through sin that got. severed but it wasn't too long and until Abraham came along and God once again invited Humanity to participate in his work he said Abraham I will bless you I will reveal myself to you so that you can in turn reveal me to the rest of the. Nations we see Jesus and the disciples partnering in this missionary work and yet if that's big picture I personally don't believe that Jesus's commandment is saying that all people need to go to all nations in all the Earth that's a big task if if that was the case if each of us individually if I myself had to go to All Nations and preach the gospel I should have started six months into birth the world's a big place it's an impossible task if it's just us going and declaring the gospel everywhere but I don't think that's what Jesus was saying I think he was saying between all of you disciples everyone who follows me everyone who believes in me as their lord and savior go together where I send you to all the nations and make. disciples and so if that's the big picture what is personal. mission because it can be a little bit overwhelming if that's the only mission statement we've got what is personal mission and for that we have to dig a Little Deeper we have to ask ourselves how is it that we personally participate with God's work in our lives. very truly God could be sending you overseas if you're sitting here this morning and God's laid it on your heart to go and serve overseas to take the gospel to this unreached nation or to go and do work there good don't delay be. obedient but also part of all the nations is here in Kabula God may be calling you to be exactly where you are and if that's the case good don't take that for granted remember this as a mission field just as much as you would. overseas see God doesn't just call us to participate in his work he equips us as well Romans 12 6:8 it says this having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us let us use them if prophecy in proportion to our faith if service in our serving the one who teaches in his teaching the one who exalts in his exaltation the one who contributes in generosity the one who leads with Zeal and the one who does acts of Mercy with. cheerfulness see you me the person sat next to you we're all different we all have different skills and abilities it's not an accident it's the way God created us to be some of us are very good with our hands we can build stuff we can do things some of us have Brilliant Minds that can ponder and consider problems that I can't personally even begin to comprehend some of us are so generous to so many people some of us are just naturally compassionate to those around us some of us are hospitable but none of us are the. same be encouraged because whilst as a Christian we are called to Mission we're called to go out don't be concerned because God equips us for the journey he gives us gifts to help us in what he calls us to do and he says you are not alone I will be with. you statement number three that we're going to make this morning if you're making notes is be aware of your mission fied and serve Faithfully. if it's overseas good if it's here. good God's got you in your mission field for a reason don't take it for granted see what was our definition of mission it was an important job that someone is sent somewhere to do and if that's what mission is the mission isn't accidental okay Mission doesn't happen by accident the definition isn't it's a thing that maybe happens when people do something but without real thought or effort or intentionality it's an important job specified that someone is sent somewhere to. do as Christians we are sent and so we have to ask ourselves where is the place that God has called me to be what who is it that God has called me to serve and what work am I being called to. do see International mission is such a good and vital part of our ministry it truly is if you're being called to serve in that way please don't hesitate be obedient to God's leading but I think sometimes we can step into May and disassociate a little bit we go oh I'm not being called overseas so it's not really relevant let me list some Mission places that are a little bit closer to home the first one being. home your home is a mission field your workplace is a mission field the shopping center the community the sport or recreational club that you're involved in with your hobbies is a mission field your friendship circles is a mission field. and so the question isn't if we're called to Mission the question is where has God called us to Mission and if we haven't taken the time to consider that can I urge each and every one of us to stop to prayerfully ask and consider God say God where is it that you have sent me to serve it may be that God's calling you to a different job or a different role it may be that he's calling you to that one person you see every time that you do the shopping but don't really approach because they're a little bit Shady. looking where is it that God has called you to be involved in his. mission see go God through Jesus's teaching has shown us what to. do very simply we're to love God and to love others we to be salt and light in this world the world's a big place it's overseas and it's here the thing about personal mission is it requires us to ask God where it is he's placed it what it is that he's wanting us to. do be aware of your mission field and serve Faithfully because Mission isn't accidental it's an important job that someone is sent somewhere to. do it can be helpful I want to encourage each of you this morning over the course of the day when you sit down for dinner tonight to get out a piece of paper and a pen if you're too young for that get out your phone and open up. notes because Mission isn't just a Biblical thing we see it in every single business nowadays there's not a business that you Google and find a website of that doesn't have a mission statement it gives Direction to everything that they do and likewise our personal mission gives direction to everything we do in partnership with God and so this evening over lunch over dinner take the time to stop pray to God go God where are you sending me am I in the mission field right now or do you want me to move. find where your mission field is and then ask God what work he's calling you to do it may be to teach your children about God it may be to be present for dinner time so that you can have those conversations it may be to get involved in a Ministry within the church it may be to go overseas and serve as a missionary abroad I can't tell you the answer see God's made each of us unique and so it falls on us to partner with what he is doing it falls on us to ask God where is it that you want me to be what is it that you want me to do and when you ask those questions when you write down this mission statement don't make it too broad don't make it too narrow remember that God will stretch us he will grow us and he may call us to do some uncomfortable. things but God will equip us and give us the gifts to do it he says I will not leave you nor forsake you I am with you join me in the word work that I am already. doing so I'm not going to make you put your hand up this morning but I am going to ask that last question again do you believe that you have been called to serve in Mission by God see our God is a missionary God he gives us good gifts and invites us to participate in the work that he is doing. and he calls us to be aware of the mission field that he's calling us to he calls us to serve Faithfully in that area would you pray with. me Lord God I just pray that as we respond in song here now Lord if there's anyone who needs to take this time in notes or with pen and paper to write down these questions to write down what it is that you're prompting in their heart Lord God would you give us the courage to be obedient to that prompting Lord I pray that as we leave this place and continue to ponder how it is that you've called each of us personally to partner with what you are doing Lord God would you by your Holy Spirit reveal yourself to us would you show us so clearly where and what you've called us to be doing and father God would you help us not to delay our response to you we pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.