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Your family is an organisation, and every organisation should know and embrace its mission. What is your family's mission? What most families need is not to do more things, but to live out their calling as missionaries in the things they are already doing as a Family on Mission!

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Thanks very much uh Jason uh my name's Dave one of the pastors here great to uh extend Dylan's welcome to you and it's uh my joy this morning to be able to bring uh God's word to you we're uh continuing this morning our uh missions month series that we've titled our missionary God and uh we're going to focus on this theme across the month of May uh in all of our messages uh together last last week Pastor Dylan kicked us off in uh in the first one in the in the series and he looked at the topic of personal mission and uh the I guess couple of the big points that came out of that was firstly that God is a missionary God and uh he it's core to his character and his nature uh to reveal himself in the fullness of his Splendor that we might worship him uh the second uh thing we saw last week was that God gifts us and invites us to participate in his work uh all Christians are called to participate in God's Mission we know this don't we because of our key Mission passage the the great Commandment that Jesus gave to his disciples before ascending into heaven from Matthew 28:18 to20 there they're familiar words to us as Jesus said all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I've commanded you and behold I'm with you always to the end of the age it's Crystal Clear to us as followers of Jesus those of us who would uh follow him as his disciples that this is our goal this is the mission to make disciples of all Nations the ethnic groups to baptize Believers and teach them all that Jesus has commanded us Dylan rightly pointed out last week that that the big picture view and last week we we dug in a little bit deeper into the personal way that we can engage in that mission uh we saw that God gifts each of us through the power of His holy spirit he he gives us gifts and abilities by which we can be effective on Mission with him and he invites us to participate in a personal way in the mission that he's about in the world and uh we need to be aware of those gifts and abilities and what our mission field is and to serve the Lord Faithfully in that Dylan challenged us last week that uh disassociating or thinking of mission is something that's out there rather than wherever we are our workplaces our schools our our Sports and and Leisure and recreation activities these can be Mission fields and we need to be aware of the mission field that God has uniquely placed us into so that was our our recap uh if you missed last week you can catch the full message on uh on our YouTube page now this morning we're going to continue that conversation particularly launching off this idea of being aware of your mission field and serving faithfully and we're going to hone in on the topic of family on Mission and we're going to look at what it looks like uh to be on Mission as a family but let's just pause and uh pray and ask God's blessing on our time together father we do just want to acknowledge and give you thanks for the way in which you invite us into your mission for the way in which you by the power of your Holy Spirit have gifted and equipped us for that work and Lord we thank you for family we celebrate that in a way this morning as we recognize the work of our moms in our families caring for and nurturing us and in many ways for many mons pointing us to you father we thank you that each family that we belong to has a a particular place and a way that you have equipped and gifted us to join in your mission in this world and we pray as we open your word together this morning that we might be encouraged and challenged by that to discover what our mission is for our family we pray your blessing on our time speak to us we pray in Jesus name amen um it's safe to say that all of us belong to a family and whether that's a family of one or two four six 16 however many uh we all experience life as part of a family unit even those who are single or maybe estranged from their extended family they likely still have a a core group of of friends or Associates that they spend time with who become their family or closet Community this morning we want to look at what it means to think about mission in the context of this family unit last week uh one of the things that struck me as Dylan was was going through the overview uh message there he mentioned companies businesses and organizations how they all have a mission statement and and how pretty much every organization has this mission statement to keep them focused and on track a successful organization needs to know and embrace its Mission it needs to know why it exists and friends the same can be true of our families your family is an organization of people and so it follows that your family should know and embrace your mission wonder if you've ever thought about that before do you know what your mission is do you you know why your family exists what is it that you're about to do and accomplish what's the the goal that you have for your family it's going to be a fun exercise this week to uh to get together with your family members and ask them what is our mission why do we exist what does success look like what are we trying to accomplish what are our goals who are we as a family it might be interesting to see if you all agree or are on the same page as to what it is your family mission is this morning that's my aim is to to get you thinking about your family and the unique Mission field that God has placed you into I'd like you to to leave here this morning with a clearer understanding of what the Bible says about your family's Mission or at Le the very least leave here with a fresh resolve to discover for yourself what Jesus has to say about your family Mission so that's the aim first up I I just want to acknowledge a danger or a potential trap when it comes to this whole discussion of thinking about Family Mission sometimes when people hear me talk about Family Mission they think it means doing more things what they actually hear is that they've got to do more things add more things into to the family in order to be on Mission if your family is anything like mine your family calendar is probably already full and so the message to make disciples as a family can feel like a heavy burden rather than the easy yoke that Jesus promises Us in Matthew 11:30 friends the good news is that Family Mission doesn't have to equal doing more things it may mean you need to think differently about Family Mission however and that's where we want to go this morning uh in their book family on Mission uh Mike and Sally Breen Shar share their experiences in Ministry uh Mike was in pastoral Ministry and as they uh journeyed together as husband and wife as a family on Mission experimenting and thinking about Family Mission they outline in this book three ways that we might tend to think about Family Mission and I found them to be helpful uh the first was thinking family or Mission this is actually a false dichotomy it's a it's a view that you can only have one or the other and that they don't really work well together or Mission says that we can focus on Mission at the expense of our family or we can focus on our family to the detriment of mission and the result in that type of thinking family or Mission ends up crushing us because we have to sacrifice one thing or the other when we know that both are necessary if we're going to live out the call of God on our lives so that's the the first way of thinking about it Sally does note in the book that sometimes you don't have a choice between family or Mission there are these seasons in life these times when we need to focus on our family as our mission there may be intense times like when we have a newborn at home or when we're hardly sleeping and functioning it might be in those crisis moments when someone's diagnosed with a a serious illness or we need to spend uh lots of amounts of time helping a an aging parent who has an illness or some Advanced medical condition in those times family is our mission and we need to batten down the hatches and survive the storm the missional aspect of that though is that those experiences will later fuel our mission and our discipling in the future even if we're not focusing so much on it at the moment we need permission to have those Seasons when our family is our mission we need to realize though that those seasons are usually temporary second way of thinking about family mission is to try family and Mission recognizing that we've got a mission to our family but we've also got a mission outside with our family and we try and juggle them both if we're thinking family and Mission the mistake that we make when we think this way is that uh mission is is the extra thing that we add in to our already busy life it becomes this juggling act as we try and add Mission try and add church or youth group or kids club or serving on a mission team and we try and squeeze it all into already jam-packed schedule what we often find if we try that is it doesn't work what we try and do is we keep them separate or segmented or compartmentalized in some way trying to manage the boundaries between caring for our family and and not burning them out too much but at the same time trying to keep up with all of the ministry that we feel called to do the danger there is that our family life never quite feels purposeful and our mission life never quite feels natural the the problem is that in the end most people just can't keep up with it all and they end up unsatisfied with this model of family and Ministry so the third way I want us to think about this morning and perhaps the better way the Bible way is to be thinking about family on Mission this is a view that mission is not something we add to our life but mission is our life it's the view that understands Jesus command for us to go and make disciples of all the nations he's not talking about a one-off single event he's not talking about some one-off experience or mission trip that we go off to and do and then it's done Jesus is actually calling us to an all of life experience Mission isn't something we add to our life mission is our life what most families need is not to do more things but to live out their calling as missionaries in the things that they're already doing as a family on Mission and that's the better way to be thinking about that because when you think about it if your family calendar is full chances are your family is already coming into close regular contact with those who do not have faith in Christ whether it's a sporting team or a music or theater class A a PNC te meeting play groups haircuts grocery shopping many many more things that you could have on your family calendar these are all Mission Fields ripe for the Harvest to be on Mission families don't need a shift in activity we need a shift in our identity and so the first thing I want us to think about this morning as we try and unpack what family on Mission might look like I think firstly it's living out our identity in Christ being a family on Mission doesn't begin with us it begins with Jesus we're invited by God to join him in making much of Christ as we seek to live out our lives as his disciples what a privilege it is in Christ that we're New Creations we're called to Bear witness to Jesus to the very ends of the Earth acts 18 tells us that we're Christ's ambassadors 2 Corinthians 5 18 to 20 says this all this is from God who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation that is in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself not counting their trespasses against them and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation therefore we are ambassadors for Christ God making his appeal through us we implore you on behalf of Christ be reconciled to God one Peter 2:9 says that we're a chosen race a royal priesthood a holy nation a people for his own possession and we're called to proclaim the excellencies of Jesus Friends mission is not something that we do as a family it's something that we are as Disciples of Jesus Jesus that's the first thing second thing family on Mission means living for God in the place that he's planted us acts 17: 26- 27 tells us that God has determined the exact place and time that we should live so that men may find him the Lord has planted your family exactly where you are for a reason mission really awesome to realize that you've been chosen by God to be his missionaries in the world it's it's both a great privilege and a responsibility it's important for us to remember that as Christians we're not people who do ministry we are ministers that passage that we read from second Corinthians tells us we're ministers of reconciliation we're not people who do Mission we are missionaries if you've ever left your house as a family you've been on a mission trip as we live out our identities as missionaries we start to see everyday activities as opportunities to be Witnesses for Christ but we need to think intentionally about these things we need to recognize upfront that each of our families are uniquely placed by God to witness for Jesus in the relationships and in the spaces in which our family operates most families are are not alike we're all different we each have different relationships and and different activities that we're involved in uh different uh Circles of influence that each family is involved in sometimes families cross over a little bit as you start thinking about extended family or Blended families that sort of thing um we have a few intergenerational families in our church and so some ways they overlapped but still each and every family unit is unique placed by God to minister for him to Bear witness to Christ in the relationships and spaces that that F family engages in on a weekly basis think about that God has placed you where you are on purpose for a purpose in your neighborhood at that school with those friends in that job on purpose we're all living on Mission the invitation of Jesus is not just to believe in him but it's a way of life as you walk after him following his example the next thing we want to understand about family on mission is that it means following Jesus together for us to be obedient Disciples of Jesus who go on making disciples we need to be ourselves following after Jesus day by day we need to spend time with him in the word and in prayer or else we're never going to be able to live out the Great Commission in Matthew 28:20 of teaching them to observe all that Jesus has commanded if we're not in the word if we're not spending time with Jesus how are we going to know what it is that he's called us to do how can we teach and train and pass that on to the next generation or to those that we're sharing Christ with this goes not just for those families who come in contact we we come in contact with on a regular basis but we also need to think about how we are teaching uh Christ's commands to those within our own family we need to be walking with Jesus ourselves before we can lead others to follow him we should remember Jesus says come to me before he says go for me I think that's really important we can't share the love of God until we've been transformed by it we need to be War walking close with Jesus those of us who are parents grandparents those who serve on Ministry teams working with young people or have a a relationship as a spiritual Mentor with someone we would do well to consider God's word to his people in Deuteronomy 6: 4-9 if you got your Bible there you might like to open that up and have a look at that for yourself we will have it on the screen Deuteronomy 6:4 to9 we read these words here o Israel the Lord Our God the Lord is one love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength these Commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts impress them on your children talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road when you lie down and when you get up tie them as symbols on your hands bind them on your foreheads write them on the door frame of your houses and on your Gates there's a few things that we can glean from that firstly discipleship is an all of life Journey verse six says to to impress them on your children talk when you sit at home when you walk along the road when you lie down when you get up it's just a picture of the all of life Journey the natural rhythms of a family life we to be teaching and telling and training the Next Generation in the ways of the Lord discipleship is an all of life Journey secondly we see the importance of parents and grandparents teaching and speaking about God's word to the Next Generation uh we see that in in verses 7 to9 of uh the Deuteronomy passage uh you might uh like to turn to your in your Bibles to Psalm 78. look at the first seven verses there give ear oh my people to my teaching incline your ears to the words of my mouth I'll open my mouth in a parable I'll utter dark sayings from of old things that we have heard and known that our fathers have told us we will not hide them from our children but tell them to the coming Generation The Glorious Deeds of the Lord and his might and the Wonders he has done he established a testimony in Jacob he appointed a law in Israel which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children that the Next Generation might know them the children yet unborn and arise and tell them to their children so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God but keep his Commandments there's a important of passing On to the Next Generation that is given to parents and grandparents to teach and speak God's words to the Next Generation turn to Ephesians chapter 6 in the New Testament. children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right honor your father and mother this is the first commandment with a promise that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land fathers do not provoke your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord again we see this imperative for the passing on the teaching the training the speaking the words of God to the Next Generation to do that parents grandparents those who are spiritual parents or serving on a Ministry team if if that's our charge we need to be in God's word ourselves we to be teaching and speaking about it to the next Generation a tea kettle can only pour out what's already inside of it as parents we cannot pass on to our children what we don't possess we must understand something of God's character and his eternal purposes and be growing in our understanding of of what a relationship with God looks like before we can ever hope to impress that upon our children we need to seek to love God with all our heart mind soul and strength to honor him in every part of our Lives before we can ever show our children what it means to love and honor him children learn far more about God and his mission by observing our actions than from listening to our words and so another crucial PL piece of this family discipleship of thinking family on mission is parents modeling the heart attitudes and behaviors they want their children to embrace our knowledge of God must influence the way that we live the good news is is doing what we're told to do in Deuteronomy 6 doesn't require us to go to Bible College it doesn't need a a seminary degree level of. knowledge doesn't even need a background where we've experienced what this looks like in our own lives it may have never been modeled for us what it does need is that we fill our minds and our hearts with God's word by reading the Bible consistently and growing in our own faith then we'll be equipped then we'll be filled up to pour it out to the Next Generation. just a thought exercise for you before we move on to the next point I wonder think about what's already in your teac or what's already in your joke what has God already deposited in you that you could be pouring into the lives of your children of into the lives of your grandchildren or those younger ones that God gives you the opportunity to invest in what are two or three things that you know to be true about God what are some ways that you know people can worship God what are some things that you've learned about God's Mission maybe some things you've learned over our main missions month pass these things on to the next Generation these are some of the things that you can be discipling the next Generation with as you become a family on. Mission the next thing we want to see about being a family on mission is what Jesus has to say in Matthew 5 uh verse 13 you might like to turn in your Bible there Matthew 513 I wonder if we ask Jesus what our family mission statement might be if we were scratching our head kind of thinking I'm struggling to come up with something and uh we spent some time with Jesus and asked him to come up with a a help for us or a prompt I I wonder if this might be his response Matthew 5:13 Jesus says to his disciples you are the salt of the earth but if the salt has lost its taste how shall its saltiness be restored it's no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and Trampled Under people's feet Jesus says to his disciples to those who follow after him you're the salt of the earth or at least that's what we're meant to be salt preserves and flavors it's a blessing it is and does this by its very nature salt doesn't need to have anything extra special or doesn't need to strive for it it just is salt it is salty it flavors and preserves it blesses just by its very nature it makes better just by being Itself by being create by being what it's been created to be it does what it's created to do this is what God's people were meant to be this is what we're meant to be as followers of Jesus this is what our families are supposed to to be we see this right back in the beginning of the Bible uh back to Genesis uh CH 12 in uh those first three verses of Genesis 12 you might like to have a look at. that we see the missional heart of God as he works in and through the family of Abraham God calls Abram as he was called at the time out of the land that his father of his father and God says to Abram come and follow me he says if you trust me I will bless you and all the peoples of the earth will be blessed by you when God makes a CO Covenant with people like he did with with Abram like he does with the people of Israel when God chooses to dwell in their midst he doesn't just make them to receive a blessing but to be a blessing when God makes a covenant with people it's not just so they receive a blessing but so that they will be one later in Genesis chapter 17 God said uh sorry Genesis chter 18 uh: 18 and 19 God says Abraham will surely become a great and powerful nation and all the nations on Earth will be blessed through him for I have chosen him so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him did you pick that God's promise to bless all the nations through Abraham was connected to Abraham's faithfulness in discipling his children and the other members of his household as a parent Abraham was responsible for the being the the primary spiritual influencer in his family teaching and training them to walk in God's ways and we see this pattern of Covenant invitation and God's blessing with the command to teach the Next Generation repeated throughout the scriptures later in Genesis 26 we see it in veres 1:4 with Isaac and then in uh Genesis 28: 10 to14 we see it with Jacob Abraham's God became Isaac's God who became Jacob's God and they grew up and established their own homes they directed their children in the ways of the Lord and God intended for their families to be spiritual influences in the world today the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob still carries out his mission strategy in the context of family using Abraham's spiritual descendants Galatians 3:29 tells us that's us we're included in that family of God through our faith in Jesus parents who know God and who live out his mission disciple their children to know God and live out God's Mission that's the pattern that we want to see repeated as family units these families on Mission seek to bless the peoples of the world because we've been blessed by God in the first place this process continues across the world until God's mission is fulfilled Jesus says uh in Matthew 5 and verse 13 that we're to be Salt and Light because we're to be a blessing we need to let the reality of that sit with us as we think about our families Mission he's saying that just as you're being uh called to be God's covenant people you're not just to receive that blessing from the Lord You're to pass it on your family is to be a blessing to your neighborhood your home is to be the salt of your neighborhood your family is the salt of the community simply by being the people of God that he's called you to be in that place in Ephesians chap 2: 8 to10 Paul reminds us that we're God's workmanship we've been created in Christ for good works which God prepared in advance we need to walk in them not because doing these good works these acts of blessing in our communities are the things that will save us no that's not what Paul says at all he says we're not saved by doing these good works rather we do the good works that God has prepared for us we be the blessing because he has saved us we don't work for God's approval we work from it and that's how we become a blessing we pour out what God has poured in to us like the people of Israel before us we have been blessed by God in order that we might be a blessing to be Sal in our community think about your family on Mission every one of our households has been created to be the salt of Kabula morayfield whan Alima beachmere Morton Bay Queensland Australia the ends of the Earth We're created to make the world a better place by doing the good works that God prepared beforehand we need to walk in them the Bible says that by living out the Good News by living out the gospel by being obedient to the commands of Jesus just being who he's created us to be it will result in the world becoming a better place remember the warning in Matthew 5:13 Jesus cautions us that there's a a danger if the salt changes its nature if it becomes something other than what it was created or designed to be if it loses its saltiness it loses its taste then it's not worth anything just to be Trampled Under feet if it's no longer distinctive by its nature it stops blessing if it stops flavoring then what good is it as we think about family on Mission if our mission is not to be the salt of our neighborhood of this community if we're not embracing that nature that we have in Christ as followers of Jesus if we're not doing the good works that God has prepared us to do if our home is no different to any of the other homes in our street then what good is it don't lose sight of our mission it's a challenge for us uh Jesus goes on in Matthew 5: 14-16 he says you are the light of the world a city on a hill cannot be hidden nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket but on a stand and it gives light to all in the house in the same way let your light shine before others so they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven light by its very nature lights things up it it it struggles to be hidden a city that's on a hill can't be hidden because by its nature it's just going to light everything up it's the same as the salt analogy it's going to make the world a brighter place to just by being what it's created to be just by living out its calling Jesus warns like he did with the salt if you cover up the light if you refuse to let it shine then it's not doing what it's created to do Jesus finishes this metaphor of Salt and Light of being a blessing of sharing him in the world and he says that we're to do the good works so that God is glorified to love and serve to be a blessing so that we might lead others to Faith In Jesus I think that sounds like a pretty good mission statement to love and serve and be a blessing so that others may see our good works and give glory to Our Father who is in heaven some people have uh struggle with this passage because they think that good works that Jesus talks about seems pretty vague pretty broad or general you kind of struggle what does that actually look like I I I need details Dave I I want to see what that looks like in practice well I think it's broad on purpose because like we said last week like we said at the beginning of this message each and every one of us has been uniquely gifted by God with different gifts different abilities different life experiences different families that we've been placed into different opportunities that each of us as family have to influence the world for Jesus you can do things that I can't do your family can can get involved in the work and mission of God in ways that our family can't and that's a beautiful thing the good works that you have to do might be different than what your spouse has to do it might be different from what your kids are equipped to do all of us are made to be Salt and Light by our very nature we make the world a better place if we W walk in the good works that God has prepared us to do some uh practical ideas as uh we get to the end number one I think in light of all of this we probably need to think about how we View and use our home these days our homes tend to be a bit more of a sanctuary and a retreat than a mission field life can be so busy and and so energy sapping and and chaotic that sometimes we just want to get home at the end of the day and Retreat into that isolation of our home Chuck the TV on eat dinner in front of the TV go to sleep and get up and launch into the day again maybe we need to think missionally about our home home was never designed to be a Fortress of Solitude that nobody ever else gets invited into our homes are a blessing from God he's gifted them to us and like all good gifts that God has given to us we need to Steed those gifts well there might be ways that you can think differently about your home is there a neighbor in your street that you can share Christ with get to know is there uh somebody that you could invite for a CER use your home to bless those those to whom God is calling us I think uh second uh practical idea we probably need to think about how we share our table I I read a helpful book uh by Tim Chester a meal with Jesus and he points out that a key part of Jesus ministry was eating and drinking building relationships with those who needed to hear the gospel so much so that when uh Luke talks about the son of man and what he came to do there are three ways that the New Testament can completes that sentence the first is the son of man came not to be served but to serve to give his life as a ransom for many the son of man came to seek and save the lost but the son of man also came eating and drinking those first two statements of why Jesus came are statements of purpose but the third one is a statement of method it's how did Jesus come he came eating and drinking the uh Jews of Jesus day would have said that Jesus was meant to come to vindicate uh the righteous and defeat God's enemies they didn't expect him to seek and save the lost they they would have said the son of man was coming in glory or power they never would have said he came eating and drinking Luke's not talking about just eating and drinking for for subsistence he's actually talking about uh so much eating and drinking and spending time with people across the table that uh those who who uh would criticize him called him a glutton and a drunkard a friend of tax collectors and sinners a gluton of course is someone who eats too much drunk is someone who drinks too much so Jesus was eating and drinking a lot as he spent time with people Luke's gospel is full of stories of Jesus eating with people he's either going to a meal at a meal or coming from a meal if you read through Luke's gospel meals are more than food they're so social occasions they represent Friendship Community and welcome I'm not suggesting that we reduce church and Mission to meals but I do want to argue that meals should be an integral and significant part of our shared life of life in community so I we encourage you to be a part of an extended family group uh throughout the midweek to to study God's word together to engage in in eating and drinking together so that you can get to know one another and and share life and encourage one another's families on Mission Tim Chester rightly points out that this is not always easy it involves it people invading your space or involves you going to places outside of your comfort zone but it's not really that complicated if you share a meal a few times a week and you have a passion for Jesus then you'll be building up the Christian Community and reaching out in Mission Alan hirs a myologist said if every Christian family in the world simply offered good conversational Hospitality around a table once a week to our neighbors we would eat our way into the kingdom of God it's pretty cool the table is a place where the gospel is embodied we can move out from behind our screens from behind our devices from behind our fences and stand a better chance of seeing the sacred Dignity of the other this coming week we each have 21 meals roughly if you eat three times a day what if we spent just one meal in the next week maybe what if we challenged ourselves what have we spent one meal this ter every week this term and we thought missionally about our table as we prayed and sought the Lord for who we could love on or who we could invest in who we might bring close what bridge we could build for the. gospel I'd imagine it would be a powerful thing and good for our families on. Mission another practical thing I think is uh we think through how we might share our story of what God has done in our life share the hope that we have in Jesus we're all called to do that and we can do that because it's our story practice thinking about what you might say if you've never shared that before be prepared to give the answer for the hope that you have in Jesus pray about who you might invite to a meal or pray about who you might have a conversation with about the faith seek the holy spirit's leading on that intentionally plan to connect with somebody this week as a holy spirit prompts you pray about it as a family see where the Lord will lead you all finally be on the lookout for everyday opportunities to teach and speak God's word into the lives of the Next Generation came because a quote um during the week God involves Us in his mission not because he needs us but because he loves us and in his Mercy he's invited us to be involved in his Sovereign design for the spread of the Gospel to the ends of the Earth God's inviting an invitation to our families to your family to be on Mission with him we need to take up that challenge and go and make disciples let me pray father we just thank you so much uh for your word to us and Lord for the the the Wonder and beauty that it is that we've been created in your image to be in relationship that we exist in family because you exist eternally in family Father Son and Holy Spirit father we thank you that we can use these gifts that you've given to us Gifts of family and homes and relationships to be families on Mission with you thank you for the gifts and the abilities that you've given to each and every family that's represented here that calls Kucha Baptist Church home Lord would you awaken in us an urgency for that mission task a desire to be families on Mission protect us Lord from the dangers of thinking wrongly about family and Mission that it's family or Mission or or family and Mission we don't want to be crushed we don't want to be overwhelmed and exhausted we want to be empowered to be effective to the mission that you've called us to we pray your blessing on our families as we go to make disciples in your name. Amen.